Homestead Plant Nursery is our wholesale advanced tree and hedging plant nursery. We have a small range of plants that we grow and sell to landscapers, builders, and the general public. Great quality and terrific low prices.

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This can range from English Perrenial, Woodland to Formal Box Hedging. You can choose to keep this area formal, or break up the formality by borrowing different aspects from other garden styles you admire.

Example of a few elements that a cottage garden may include:
General Symmetry – Gravel Pathways – Manicured Lawns  & Hedges.  

Think of interlocking spaces combining different shapes and textures.  Designs can include clean finishes, minimalistic & pale colours. Contemporary Designs focus on materials to construct your finished product instead of using plants to do this. You can choose to have this space multi-leveled or keep it flat, with your planting list providing the area with groundcovers, tufting grasses & standardised shrubs or trees. 

Firstly, selecting plants local to your area or that grow well within your hardiness zone is a great way to not only utilise your space but for providing a safe habitat for native wildlife. A great place to start would be your local native garden. This space can include mosses, ground covers, grasses, shrubs & trees within the Proteaceae or Eucalypt Family.
Incorporate gravel or crushed rock, river rock and timber sleepers. 

More commonly known as Xeriscaping; Succulents and Desert plantings create a low maintenance space with a chic architectural finish that will be long lasting. Water Savvy Gardens are trending, with succulents becoming a favourite for indoor & outdoor spaces. Suitable for a diverse range of locations, however you do need to be mindful of animals and children when using this design.